Above Snakes

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Community   Exclusive Early Access Experience a mixture of creation and mild survival elements in this isometric Wild West-inspired adventure RPG. Build your own world piece by piece while navigating various biomes and battling against the elements or – even worse – dangerous Lost Souls. Gather resources, construct bases, and craft weapons and tools to hunt, fish, farm, and fight. Create Your Own World Unleash your creativity and craft a world to your liking from different biomes. Each biome offers various materials and resources that you can use to progress through your adventure and build your equipment and base. Craft, Cook, Hunt, and Fish Find food, make nourishing meals and craft necessities. Expand your base and build essential workstations such as a workbench, a saw mill, a furnace, or an anvil. Enhance your crafting skills to create more advanced gear and tools that help you advance. Build Create your very own outpost and base with a simple but clever modular building system. Make it your own with hand-crafted furniture and beautiful gardens. You can even enjoy a relaxed sundown on your porch. Farm Find seeds from wild herbs and vegetables, create crop farms, and harvest your goods. Watch over your farm, water it regularly, make fertilizer for increased growth speed, and take care of your harvest.   Key Features Relaxing survival craft worldbuilder – create a world from world pieces    100+ unique world pieces with different biomes and biome combinations    Craft, farm, hunt, fish, build bases, fight, and explore.    Make it your own – adventure RPG with a long-term progression system    Complete quests at your own pace and unravel the secrets of the land    A lightweight story of a young woman in the middle of a conflict Accessibility Full controller support, key and button rebinding, disable camera shake, disable smooth camera movements, photosensitive mode, custom volume controls for sfx, music, eating noises, and footsteps.