A Void Hope


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Set out on a journey through a harsh and unforgiving cityThese waters… You know, sometimes I feel them rising in me. Dark and suffocating. Like something growing. A beast. A Void Hope takes you on an atmospheric narrative adventure to find a cure for a collapsed city. Follow the story of a tormented couple as they try to decipher reality from nightmares and evade the shadowy threats lurking in the dark. An immersive experienceSolve puzzles, find items and progress through the story in this world brimming with mysterious ambianceSomething lurks in the shadowsCrisp retro aesthetics combined with atmospheric lighting shows a world in darkness but with small slivers of hopeAvoid combat, embrace explorationDelve into an adventure filled with danger and make your way through the city avoiding the threats that come your wayA haunting soundtrackComposed by synthwave mastermind Waveshaper, an eerie and evocative landscape of music accompanies your every step A Void Hope’s compelling mystery and carefully-crafted ambiance is supported by puzzle platforming mechanics that require you to solve puzzles and find items as you traverse the city. There are dangerous threats wandering the streets too, but your goal is to avoid conflict in this narrative-focused adventure where unwinding the threads of the unknown by exploring the secrets of the city’s physical space, along with the psychological space of your struggling protagonists, will be your primary focus. A short and immersive experience enjoyed best in a single sitting on a rainy, dark night. Features Story written by published horror and science-fiction writer Frida Windelhed Sound Design by Christian Björklund, previously Audio Designer on Little Nightmares Soundtrack by Waveshaper (Furi OST, The Crew 2 from Ubisoft, Netflix, Videoman) Additional Art by Rickard Paulsson (Bionic Commando, Syndicate, Gunborg) A Void Hope is the latest game from developer and publisher Elden Pixels, purveyor of quality boutique releases and creators of Alwa’s Awakening & Alwa’s Legacy.