A Town Uncovered


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Sinful suburbanites and naughty MILFs await in this 18+ visual novel with adventure game and dating sim elements. Explore a sleepy little town steeped in sexy secrets. What goes on behind the closed doors of your neighborhood? Not all is as it seems in the suburbs as you stumble across a sort of parallel universe, one where sex is so acceptable, it’s done as freely as eating! However, there is a catch- not everything is as pleasant as it seems and you soon find yourself wrapped up in a sticky situation. Along the way you will have some downright bangin’ good fun and do things such as- – Meet and romance a huge and colorful cast featuring over 40 characters! – Explore a quirky and unique city, with over 40 locations and over 10 areas! – Pleasure yourself to erotic scenes, both of the hardcore and softcore variety! – Jam out to a hand crafted OST featuring 7 custom made tracks! – Employ a variety of systems and mechanics! Day/Night cycle! Inventory! Money! – Uncover the mystery behind the town through our deep, branching narrative! This Game may contain content not appropriate for all ages or may not be appropriate for viewing at work.