Destiny 2 The Final Shape DLC Gets a Great Discount on PC

Destiny 2 The Final Shape DLC Gets a Great Discount on PC


Destiny 2 The Final Shape expansion is now available. The Final Shape wraps up Destiny’s long-running narrative by taking players inside the Traveler for a showdown with the enigmatic Witness. This marks the climax of a decade of intricate Destiny storytelling, leaving fans curious about the future. Some are even speculating Bungie has Destiny 3 up its sleeve.

For now, if you’re looking to jump into the expansion and see what it has to offer, we have found the best deal available for those on PC. Destiny 2: The Final Shape is down to $42.99 at Fanatical (£35,69 in the UK) a trusted steam code seller, and a 15% saving compared to the $49.99 list price. It’s not an enormous saving, but it’s well worth considering if you were already planning to buy the expansion.

Bungie developers have hinted that The Final Shape is not the conclusion of Destiny 2 or the series as a whole. The developer, now owned by Sony, is also working on the multiplayer game Marathon. In a series of tweets celebrating the release of The Final Shape, Bungie executive creative director Luke Smith discussed the journey to its release and the tremendous effort the developers invested. However, it was his repeated use of the capitalized word “Hope” that sparked a buzz within the Destiny community.

For now, the focus is on The Final Shape and its three planned episodes. Echoes kicks off next week on June 11, Revenant is set for October 2024, and Heresy rounds The Final Shape off in February 2025, although of course, the plan may change.

The Final Shape launched on June 4, but Destiny 2 quickly encountered major server issues that hindered players from progressing through the highly anticipated campaign. Many players reported being kicked out of campaign levels, missing crucial cutscenes, and losing progress. Bungie provided progress updates via Twitter as they worked to resolve the issues, but for many players, the night was a loss.

Bungie has rolled out a number of restarts in a bid to tackle errors causing players to get kicked out of activities, which it said “remains our highest priority issue to resolve.” Those who missed a cutscene can replay the mission by accessing the Replayable Missions node in the middle of the Pale Heart map, Bungie advised. There are cutscenes at the end of Mission 1, 4, 5, 6, and 7.

“We built The Final Shape to be an exciting, cathartic, story-driven adventure for everyone to enjoy,” Bungie continued. “We’re truly sorry if connection issues and instability is getting in the way of that experience, and we promise to keep working until these issues are resolved.”

We’ve also been raving around a similar DLC discount for Elden Ring: Shadow of the Erdtree, which is down to $35.19, also from Fanatical. If you’re keen on saving a few extra dollars elsewhere, we also have a slew of other gaming deals roundups worth checking out, including the best Xbox deals, the best PlayStation deals, and the best Nintendo Switch deals. In each of those, you can find a wide variety of great discounts on games, hardware, accessories, and more.

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