Grimoires Era Codes May 2024

Grimoires Era Codes May 2024


A new month means fresh redeemable codes for Grimoires Era, and we’ve compiled them all into one handy list so you can benefit from the bonuses they offer. Below, you’ll find codes for everything from double experience and Grimoire Spins to stat resets and double luck.

If you’re looking to keep up to date with all the codes that get added to Grimoires Era the moment they drop, you should head over to developer Game Funzy’s official Discord server. Select the codes channel and turn on notifications, so you’ll be notified whenever new codes are added to the game. Of course, you can also keep an eye on this article for a convenient roundup of all active codes.

Active Grimoires Era Codes May 2024

BobLove – 2 Hours of Double ExperienceVisualLikesFeet – 200 Magic SpinsTIKTOK – 20 Grimoire Spins, 20 Aura Spins, 20 Race SpinsVisualDiedToLava – 50 Magic SpinsVisualBlindReal – 200 Magic SpinsVisualBetterThanLev – 10 Grimoire Spins, 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race Spins600KMEMBERS – 300 Magic SpinsRACESPINYAY – 30 Race SpinsREALAURASPIN – 30 Aura SpinsEXPCODEISREAL – Triple experience for an hourUPDATESTATRESET – Stat resetEASTEREVENTGONE – 1 hour of double luck21MRESET – Stat resetTradeHubFix – 150 Grimoire SpinsDelayedUpdateSorry – 50 Grimoire Spins, 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race SpinsStatReset! – Stat resetSORRYFORBUG – 25 Grimoire Spins, 25 Aura Spins, 25 Race Spins20MVISITS – Triple experience for an hour20MRESET – Stat resetDUNGEONS – 10 Grimoire SpinsTIMEMAGIC – 50 Grimoire SpinsWERE SORRY – 10 Grimoire Spins19MVISITS – Triple experience for an hourLIGHTNING – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race SpinsGAMEFUNZY – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race Spins18MVISITS – 10 Aura Spins80KLIKES – 10 Grimoire Spins80KRESET – Stat reset16MRESET – Stat resetFUNZY – 10 Aura Spins, 10 Race SpinsEASTER – 50 Grimoire SpinsBUILDERBOY – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race SpinsINEGAMES – 20 Grimoire SpinsGGGAMES – 5 Grimoire SpinsBRONZEBR – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race SpinsGHOKSZIN – 6 Grimoire SpinsMEDTW – 5 Aura Spins, 5 Race SpinsGUIZERAYT – 5 Grimoire Spins

How to Redeem Codes in Grimoires Era

To redeem codes in Grimoires Era, first boot up the game and enter a lobby. From here, you’ll see some tabs on the left-hand side of the screen. Click the Info tab and a menu will appear. At the top of this menu, you’ll see a box below the developers’ twitter handle where you can input codes. If the code you input is successful, you’ll see green text appear at the top of the screen with the rewards that have been added to your account. If the code you input is unsuccessful, you’ll receive red text telling you the code is invalid.

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