Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1 Drops to Just $19.99 on Switch

Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1 Drops to Just $19.99 on Switch


Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1 is currently down to just $19.99 for Nintendo Switch. This is part of the Target Circle deals event that is ongoing right now, and will be available at this price while stock lasts or until May 25 when the sale expires. You’ll need to be a Target Circle member to access the offer, but it’s free to join. This discount was also available for PS5 and Xbox but has since sold out, so it could be worth snapping up the Switch version before it meets a similar fate. If you’re desperate for a copy on another console, or if the deal at Target sells out, Woot currently has Metal Gear Solid: The Master Collection Vol. 1 for $24.99 instead.

How Many Metal Gear Solid Games Are There?

Back in 2015, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain seemingly marked the end of the franchise, with Hideo Kojima leaving Konami and the Metal Gear Solid IP to start his own studio. However, Konami has since announced plans to revive the series through re-releases and an upcoming remake.

With many new players diving into this world of undercover espionage, government conspiracies, and gruff-voiced protagonists with cool eyepatches for the first time, we’ve detailed the chronological order of the Metal Gear Solid series so newcomers and returning fans can catch up.

There are 17 total Metal Gear games, excluding remakes, ports, and remasters: 11 mainline games, five on handheld devices, and one on mobile. Despite this extensive list, several of these games are considered non-canon as they diverge from the main storyline.

2018’s *Metal Gear Survive* takes place in an apocalyptic reality overrun by a zombie virus, positioning it outside the main canon. The PSP’s *Metal Gear: Acid* and *Metal Gear: Acid 2* also deviate from the timeline, presenting alternate-timeline spin-offs. The Game Boy Color’s *Metal Gear: Ghost Babel* is another alternate-universe entry, erasing the events of *Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake* from its narrative.

Additionally, *Metal Gear Mobile* and *Snake’s Revenge* have been deemed non-canon by both the community and creator Hideo Kojima. This leaves 11 games within the main storyline, which collectively form the true Metal Gear Saga, spanning from the fictional alternate-history 1960s to the late 2010s. We’ve run through the full list of the games in our chronological guide, if you’re interest in learning more.

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