Dell Is Offering a Brand New Xbox Series X Gaming Console for Only $414

Dell Is Offering a Brand New Xbox Series X Gaming Console for Only $414


Dell is offering nearly 20% off the Xbox Series X gaming console — right now you can get it for only $413.98 by following the instructions below. That’s a great price for a current gen gaming console complete with a 4K Blu-ray compatible disc drive. We don’t think this deal will last very long.

Note: This deal involves adding a second inexpensive PC accessory to your cart. If the one we used is no longer available, you can pick another PC accessory from here.

Save 20% Off the Xbox Series X Gaming Console

So how do you get this discount? Well right now Dell is offering this promotion: buy any 2 PC accessories, and get an automatic 10% off applied to your order. For whatever reason, the Xbox Series X is considered a “PC accessory”. We simply add the Xbox and the least expensive PC accessory we can find (in this case, $2.29). Here are step by step instructions:

Add the Xbox Series X console to cartAdd this $9.99 PC accessory to cartPrice in cart should show as $512.98 minus $99 in savingsTaxes and fees still apply, of course

The Xbox Series X is a current generation system able to drive 4K games at up to a glorious 120fps. It is technically a more powerful system than the PS5 and games that are compatible with both consoles usually perform better on the Xbox console. Compared to the $300 Xbox Series S, the X features more powerful hardware to enable it to run games in 4K (the Xbox Series S runs games at 1440p). The Xbox Series X also has a disc drive that can play 4K Blu-ray movies and physical game media and 1TB of internal storage.

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