Save 32% Off the 4TB WD Black SN850X M.2 SSD — One of the Fastest PCI-e 4.0 SSDs Available

Save 32% Off the 4TB WD Black SN850X M.2 SSD — One of the Fastest PCI-e 4.0 SSDs Available


Ever since 2024 has rolled around, we have yet to see an outstanding deal on a WD Black solid state drive. Well, that streak is finally over. Amazon is currently offering Amazon Prime members a generously sized 4TB WD Black SN850X PCIe 4.0 M.2 NVMe SSD for only $237.49. This is actually lower than the best price we saw during Black Friday ($259.99). The SN850X works equally well as additional storage for your PS5 console or as a blazing fast boot drive for your gaming rig. We picked the SN850P (which is identical to the SN850X) as the best high-capacity M.2 SSD for 2024.

4TB WD Black SN850X PCIe 4.0 x4 M.2 SSD for $237.49

Amazon Prime member exclusive deal

The SN850X is the latest generation of WD’s flagship Black series M.2 SSDs. It’s easily one of the fastest SSDs on the market and any other 4TB SSD with comparable speed would run you well over $300. There are only a few SSDs out right now that can match its speed. Off the top of my head, the only SSDs I can think of are the new Samsung 990 Pro and the SK Hynix P41 Platinum.

The SN850X’s upgrades over the SN850 include newer flash chips (BiCS5 vs BiCS4) and an updated firmware, both of which offer improved sequential and random read/write speeds. What this all means is that the SN850X will perform exceedingly well as a boot drive for a gaming PC. For PC gamers, there’s also an updated Game Mode 2.0 utility that’s designed to tune the SSD for better performance during gaming sessions. The 4TB capacity means you won’t have to worry as much about overfilling your drive full of games and apps. With that much storage you might not even need another drive.

The SN850X also makes for an excellent PS5 SSD. It is identical to the SN850P, which is the only officially licensed PS5 SSD on the market. It fulfills almost all of Sony’s requirements, like a minimum read speed of 5,500MB/s and a PCI-Express Gen4x4 interface. The only caveat is that this particular model doesn’t include a built-in heatsink. That is easily remedied by picking up a inexpensive PS5 heatsink off Amazon.

If you’re looking for more SSD storage upgrade options for your PS5 console, check out our best PS5 SSD deals of 2023. There are even less expensive options if you’re not married to any brand.

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