Ark: Survival Ascended Xbox Series X and S Release Date Delayed Last Minute

Ark: Survival Ascended Xbox Series X and S Release Date Delayed Last Minute


Ark: Survival Ascended’s Xbox Series X and S release date has been delayed once again, this time just a day before it was due to come out.

Developer Studio Wildcard had already delayed the console version of the dinosaur-themed survival game following its Steam launch, with the Xbox and Windows PC version set to come out today, November 14, and the PlayStation 5 version due out at some point later this month.

In a post on X/Twitter, however, Studio Wildcard said the Xbox and Windows PC version of Ark Survival Ascended “is still going through the certification process”, which means it will not come out as planned today. Studio Wildcard said it expects the game to come out on Xbox and Windows PC “later this week”, but it sounds like a further delay could be on the cards. “We’ll update with a more precise time when we have it,” the developer said.

Given Studio Wildcard’s track record when it comes to sticking to release dates for the Ark series of games, there’s a degree of healthy scepticism from the community whenever release windows are announced. And it’s fair to say this latest announcement was met with just that.

When y’all say “on track” must mean we have no idea

— Holla Atcha Bowl (@HollaAtchaBowl) November 13, 2023

I’m pretty much convinced that you do this intentionally.

— ARKstuff Servers 🦖 (@realARKstuff) November 13, 2023

So you guys just keep coincidentally keep finding all this out last minute? Stop the shade and just tell us it’s gonna be 6 months we can cope

— Milly🎲 (@Hoodie_Milly) November 13, 2023

Not surprising at all, i think all of us were expecting you guys to pull this…

— Angells Dream (@Aisali0308) November 13, 2023

Not shocked at all. At this point, only when the game actually drops is when we will be surprised.

— Nachonian (@Nachonian) November 14, 2023

Ark: Survival Ascended is Studio Wildcard’s Unreal Engine 5 remake of the original Ark: Survival Evolved. It’s out now on Steam (if you’re playing, check out IGN’s comprehensive Ark: Survival Ascended guide).

Ark: Survival Ascended quickly shot to the top of Steam’s best-selling games list upon release, but players ran into performance issues that marred the launch. The game currently has a ‘mixed’ Steam user review rating of 56%.

Studio Wildcard has acknowledged these issues, admitting to “a few bumps” since launch. But, it stressed, it’s working to address issues players report with patches.

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