Black Friday is approaching and by Grabthar’s hammer, do I need a proper gaming chair

Black Friday is approaching and by Grabthar’s hammer, do I need a proper gaming chair


A personal catastrophe has recently befallen me. My trusty old chair, an ancient behemoth of gaming comfort that has seen far more of me than I would comfortably like to admit, has finally given up the ghost. It sits now, befallen in the corner, a shell of what it once was. The pneumatic lift has given up its last. The arms sag, like the broken branches of a tree ravaged by the storm of, well, me. It is an ex chair. A chair no longer. Goodbye old friend. You have served me well.

Here I sit, as I write this very article, on a regular old dining table seat. My delicate behind is placed upon a hastily placed sofa cushion, my back mere inches away from the cold touch of wrought iron and inevitable spinal distress. This is, I’m sure you will agree, sub-optimal.

I need a good gaming chair, dear readers. And very possibly, so do you.  

Luckily for me, and indeed you, Black Friday is nearly here. And this year, I’m hoping, nay praying, for some really big discounts on some of the best gaming chairs, bringing them into the realms of affordability. The deals are coming people, and if your chair isn’t doing it for you right now this might be the perfect time to think about investing in something that will genuinely change your daily life. I’m looking for the very best premium gaming chairs at a heavy discount, to save me and indeed you from the tyranny that is the dreaded cheap seat. 

Hold up, hold up, I know what you might be thinking. “What’s wrong with those regular cheap office chairs? I see budget models on discount all the time. Why not buy one of those ?” 

Well, as just about anyone who’s bought a cheaply made chair will tell you, they tend to come with a host of issues. Uncomfortable, squeaky “pleather” finishes, bolsters so firm you could use them as house bricks, wheels and mechanisms that collapse into plasticky nothingness. We’ve seen a lot of cheap chairs over the years, and the problems they bring tend to be numerous. They’re almost always a false economy, and when it comes to something as serious as your posture, spinal health and overall comfort, it really is worth spending the cash on something premium that will last. And, with Black Friday nearly here, that spend is hopefully going to become a whole lot smaller.

We’re curating all the best Black Friday PC gaming deals right here.

It’s difficult to overestimate the difference a really good chair can make to your day-to-day life, and it can honestly be the difference between standing up at the end of the day feeling refreshed and energised, or slumped, creaky and broken. As I shall be by the end of this piece. But what should you and I be looking for in a good seat?

Well, as the Black Friday gaming chair deals start rolling in, it’s worth keeping an eye out for chairs with premium quality of life features like adjustable tilt, lumbar support, and moveable armrests. All things that allow you to adjust the fundamental ergonomics of the chair to your particular body shape and sitting style. Everyone’s a little different in this regard, and a premium chair should be able to accommodate you no matter your body type or sitting preference.

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More than the flexibility a good gaming chair provides, it’s also worth looking out for different finishes and fabrics. A well-made chair should come with comfortable materials such as high-quality soft coatings and scratch resistant plastic parts, and can really be a major aesthetic choice that becomes the jewel in the crown of your setup. You should look forward to sitting down in front of your machine, not dreading it, so pick something that isn’t just comfortable, but inviting to sit in to boot. 

As an added bonus, chairs with high-end finishes usually use higher quality materials overall, so your new purchase is likely to stand up to years of usage without issue. A good warranty is always worth considering, as not only does this mean you could get a replacement if something breaks, but is usually a testament to the overall quality of the chair if the manufacturer feels they can provide lengthy support. 

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Some of the best chairs will come with a decade, or more, of manufacturer warranty. My previous chair did indeed come with a warranty, but it was lost in the burning of the Library of Alexandria. RIP, F to pay respects and all that. We move on.

Ultimately, if you invest your money wisely in a good chair over the coming sales you could be looking at years of comfortable gaming, office work, and whatever else you do when you’re sitting at your desk. Think of it like investing in a good mattress, or a comfortable sofa. It’s where you’re likely to be spending a huge amount of your time, and it makes sense to go for something quality. We’re already keeping track of the biggest Black Friday discounts on the best gaming chairs as they arrive, and now’s the time to really start paying attention. 

Get yourself something premium at a good price, as I shall be, and your spine will thank you for many years to come. In the meantime, here I slump, my posterior aching. Save me Black Friday. You’re my only hope.