Here’s when Modern Warfare 3’s campaign early access and multiplayer launch

Here’s when Modern Warfare 3’s campaign early access and multiplayer launch


November has entered the chat, which means it’s time to start thinking about the Modern Warfare 3 launch date. This year’s Call of Duty is a direct sequel to last year’s MW2, following Captain Price and Task Force 141 back into the fray. There’s also the year’s multiplayer mode launch to look forward to after you get the chance to dip into the campaign.

Once again, the campaign and PvP modes launch about a week apart. If you “pre-order” (is it really “pre” if half the game launches November 2?) any edition of MW3, you’ll have access to the campaign a week ahead of the multiplayer launch on November 10. We’ll break down all the dates and times for you below so you know exactly when to squad up.

When does campaign early access for Modern Warfare 3 begin? 

Ahead of the multiplayer launch, Modern Warfare 3’s campaign will be available a week in advance for all pre-order players. Activision says if you pre-purchase any edition of Modern Warfare 3 you will have access to the story campaign beginning Thursday, November 2 at 10 am Pacific on all platforms, PC and consoles.

These are the campaign early access launch times around the world:

10 am PST, November 2 (Los Angeles)1 pm EST, November 2 (New York)6 pm GMT, November 2 (London)7 pm CEST, November 2 (Berlin)5 am AEST, November 3 (Sydney)

When is the Modern Warfare 3 launch date? 

(Image credit: Activision Blizzard)

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 multiplayer launches on November 10 (in most time zones) with preloading beginning 24 hours ahead of the official launch time. Players on PC will have one global launch time for Modern Warfare 3 while console players will have a rolling launch throughout the day from 3 am Pacific to 10 am Pacific.

For PC players, launch is at 9 pm Pacific time on November 9th. Here’s when Modern Warfare 3 launches around the world:

9 pm PST, November 9 (Los Angeles)12 am EST, November 10 (New York)5 am GMT, November 10 (London)6 am CEST, November 10 (Berlin)4 pm AEST, November 10 (Sydney)

What all that means is that PC players, whether on Steam or, will all hit the game simultaneously but you’ll likely see console folks playing earlier in the day.